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our aspiration is to think, plan and efficiently implement projects from the patient’s and client’s perspectives. We are creative planners and dental designers who, with our own developed laboratory concept and the most modern technology, guarantee you and your patients a trouble-free production of a perfect smile.

dental laboratory Munich Germany - modern dental technology

analog services

ceramic layering

full-ceramic solutions are the area of expertise at our dental laboratory in munich germany. fully veneered single crowns and bridges are designed and milled using the cad/cam process. these frameworks are then individually veneered with ceramic materials specifically tailored to each patient by our dental designers, which always leads to a perfect result.

combined dentures

another highly complex field in our range of services is what is known as combination dentures. telescopic and conical crowns (also called double crowns) are made of nem, precious metal or with the help of a galvanizing process and are individually plasticized by us to create a perfectly natural appearance.

total dentures

total dentures consist of a pink plastic base that is absolutely congruent to the contour of the jaw, as well as an individually positioned dental arch made of plastic teeth. the functional design of the edge of the prosthesis and the associated valve effect are important for holding the prosthesis in place.

removable partial dentures

a removable partial denture is used to close a gap in the dentition and is usually used in the technically simpler version that is attached to the remaining dentition through brackets. in addition to comparatively low production costs, this form of supply has the advantage that, compared to a bridge, the anchor teeth can be spared and cleaning is easy.

adjusted occlusal splints/clearsplint®

adjusted clearsplint® splints are occlusion splints which are intended to harmonize the physiological bite position of the rows of teeth in the upper and lower jaw, a so-called harmonious occlusion, with extremely high wearing comfort.
occlusal splints are used for the treatment of teeth grinding, bruxism and cmd. this kind of aid is offered at the dental laboratory munich analog, 3d-printed and cad/cam milled.

interim restoration clearsplint®

transitional dentures are made from polymethyl methacrylate (pmma) or (clearsplint). an interim restoration can be quickly and custom made at dental laboratory munich and should ideally be regarded as an interim solution before the final dental restoration.

digital services

dental crowns and bridges (zirconium-em-nem)

the zirconium crown is the so-called star at dental laboratory munich. excellent compatibility, translucency in at least 4 levels as well as a long service life are just some of the outstanding properties. this metal-free dental prosthesis made of zirconium oxide, which has already caused a stir as a high-tech ceramic in various industries, has been proving its success in dentistry for several years.

temporary crowns and bridges

the temporary treatment in preparation for upcoming dental work is essential for dental laboratory munich. high-quality pmma blanks are used to design and manufacture teeth for the healing phase that are robust and invisible to the patient.

partial crown (veneer/inlay/onlay)

partial crowns stabilize and conserve areas of the tooth that can be preserved. this type of crown is made exclusively from highly translucent ceramic materials such as girbbach solid fx, ivoclare max or vitasuprinty at dental laboratory munich.

cad/cam-fabricated telescopic crowns

telescopic crowns are available in different materials at dental laboratory munich. cad/cam-fabricated in zircon, non-precious metal, precious metal transversal bracket/ sublingual bracket-free nem-restorations can be fabricated and maintained at dental laboratory munich mechanically, with extremely high precision and with perfect fit and friction.

cad/cam-fabricated table tops

similar to veneers, these are small attachments specially made for your teeth and your oral circumstances, which are glued onto your teeth. two main indications where tabletops have proven their worth are:
1. change in bite position.
2. replacement of heavily worn chewing surfaces.

cad/cam-fabricated implant treatment

today, in the eyes of dental laboratory munich, individual abutments are a “must-have” for every practice. at dental laboratory munich, all work that is stored on implants is based on cad/cam-fabricated abutments. these are available in angulation of up to 36 degrees and made of zirconium oxide and titanium.

we acquire new patients for our dentists

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how to use our digital expertise in the dental industry to place your website and your google my business account at the top of search engines and thus gain customers on the internet in a measurable and cost-effective way? dental laboratory munich will assist you with this task …

team - dental laboratory munich

we are a young, lively dental laboratory in munich germany that specializes in modern dental technology, customer communication and practice development. but most importantly, we are dental designers who understand how to solve every patient case digitally and analogically.

experts in all areas

our experts are up to date in every major dental technology, so that we can always present you with the best solution for any treatment and situation.

our aspiration

our aspiration is to think, plan and efficiently implement projects from the patient’s and client’s perspective. we are not only planners, creative people and idea givers, but we also operate our own dental laboratory concept in order to be even more sustainable and innovative for our patients and customers.

intensive experience in digital workflow

we have been working on expanding our digital and analog skills for more than 10 years. this ever-growing level of knowledge makes planning much easier for your patients and also allows you to make the right decisions.

your concerns are important to us!

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